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FASTRO India is manufacturer and supplier of purified quality drinking water. We have adopted a latest technology for water purification which provides
highest quality drinking water

What You Should Know about Water :-

Water is an incredibly important aspect of our daily lives. Every day we drink water, cook with water, bathe in water, and participate in many other activities involving water. However, even with all of the importance water holds in our day to day activities, many of us know very little about the water we use each day. We drink tap water, enjoying the convenience and cost-effectiveness of this practice, yet, we fail to recognize the serious threat this water may pose to our health. Those who are willing to forgo the convenience of tap water and indulge in bottled water often know very little about the contents of that water and simply trust that bottled water must be better than tap water. Even conscientious consumers, who wisely attempt to treat their own water in an effort to ensure the healthfulness of that water, often know little about the many home water treatment options now available. In this age of information, with so many resources immediately available, there is no reason why anyone should remain so ill informed about water. It is the goal of FASTRO India to offer comprehensive yet accessible information about the water with which we live and work every day, .


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